Drew McIntyre challenged WWE Champion Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania 36

Results: One night after claiming victory in the Men’s Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre didn’t waste any time in making his decision on who he would challenge at the Granddaddy of Them All, nor did he waste any time in revealing his decision. The Scotsman has chosen Brock Lesnar and his WWE Championship. After that it was back to business as usual as the Scottish Psychopath took down Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match in quick fashion. His celebration, however, was cut short, when Lesnar pounced with an F5 after the bell.

Analysis: Ladies and gentleman, Brock Lesnar has a 100% attendance rate on RAW through the first month! Forget a title, somebody get that man a sticker.

Rey Mysterio def. MVP

Results: Perhaps lost in the excitement of the return of Edge at last night’s Royal Rumble was the return of Montel Vontanvious Porter, MVP. Tonight, MVP got another go at it against Rey Mysterio. The former United States Champion looked like he hasn’t missed a beat. Going toe-to-toe with Mysterio. The two WWE Legends battled back and forth, and the Miami Baller managed to avoid a 619 to the face by turning away and taking it to the back instead. But ever the innovative opponent, Mysterio quickly followed up with a springboard splash to the back for the win.

Analysis: It’s great to see two old school WWE veterans go at it. We could use more of these types of matches.

Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy (c) def. Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe (RAW Tag Team Championships).

Results: As if he didn’t already have enough reason to take out Seth Rollins and his crew, Kevin Owens was given even more of a reason during the Royal Rumble Match when the AOP ran interference and helped Rollins eliminate KO from the match. Tonight, Owens and Samoa Joe got a chance at sweet redemption when they challenged Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy for the RAW Tag Team Championships. To start, everything was going swimmingly for the challengers. First, they outsmarted Rollins into revealing that the AOP was in fact backstage, only to have the Viking Raiders ambush them. The match itself got off to a hot start for the challengers, until Joe’s suicide dive didn’t go according to plan, resulting in the big man forced withdrawal from the match. KO fought as hard as he could, but the unexpected 2-on-1 disadvantage was too much for him to handle, as the Monday Night Messiah provided a distraction to allow Murphy to pin Owens with a handful of tights.

Analysis: Royal Rumble was the perfect opportunity for WWE to put some of these old, bored storylines to rest. It seems that this one isn’t one of them.

Humberto Carrillo def. Andrade (c) w/Zelina Vega via Disqualification (United States Championship)

Results: After coming millimeters away from claiming the United States Championship from Andrade last night, Humberto Carrillo got another shot at his first championship in WWE. Perhaps still frustrated with how close he came last night, Carrillo came out aggressive, hitting the champion with everything in his arsenal. Unlike last night, Zelina Vega couldn’t be content to just let things pass, breaking up what might have been a surefire title-clinching pin and forcing a disqualification. Enraged, Carrillo took to assaulting Andrade after the match. Terrified, Vega pled with the official to put a stop to Carrillo’s onslaught but both the official and Vega were helpless as the challenger planted Andrade with a Hammerlock DDT on the concrete floor.

Analysis: Andrade has been suspended 30 days for a violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy. If the company stays true to their terms, Andrade will be stripped of the United States Championship due to an inability to defend the title within 30 days.

Charlotte Flair def. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka w/WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane via Disqualification

Results: Like Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair is headed to Wrestlemania 36 with a guaranteed championship match. Unlike McIntyre, Flair isn’t quite ready to announce her opponent. But after failing to capture the RAW Women’s Championship last night, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka claimed that, had she been in the Royal Rumble Match, she would have won it. This led to a high octane match between the Queen and the Empress of Tomorrow that was very reminiscent of the pair’s championship showdown at Wrestlemania 34. Even the end result was nearly the same, until Kairi Sane dropped an InSane Elbow on Flair to prevent Asuka for submitting to the Figure-Eight.

Analysis: In terms of an entertainment standpoint, the best option her is to have Charlotte challenge Rhea Ripley. We’ll see what happens.

Liv Morgan def. Lana (Rusev and Bobby Lashley banned from ringside)

Results: Tensions between Liv Morgan and Lana boiled over just a little bit more during the Women’s Royal Rumble Match when Liv Morgan eliminated Lana from the fray just seconds after entering the ring. Lana retaliated by eliminating Morgan, after she was already ousted. Liv got some measure of retribution against the Ravishing Russian last night, but tonight, she would have an opportunity to do so one-on-one, with both Rusev and Bobby Lashley barred from ringside. Lana took the early advantage, but her constant gloating and self-admiration cost her dearly, as the reincarnated Liv Morgan rallied back with and innovative flatliner through the ropes.

Analysis: Liv Morgan gets a win over Lana. Is it over yet?

Randy Orton attacked Edge

Results: Of course, the entire WWE Universe was absolutely hyped to see WWE Hall of Famer Edge return to action at last night’s Royal Rumble. But the question is why? Why, after months of vehement rejections at the speculation, did the Rated-R Superstar return? Simply put, the Ultimate Opportunist wanted to end his career on his terms. Edge explained that since he had been forced to retire in 2011, he had been living his life in a series of what-ifs. But every what-if he encountered, he worked to shatter. And so the question of what if he could return to action had a simple solution. Return to WWE and finish what he started. Edge’s speech was interrupted by Randy Orton, who is quite familiar with the Hall of Famer. Quite familiar due to their partnership as Rated-RKO. In fact, the Viper seemed to ponder reforming the team. Until he struck down Edge with an RKO. But the worst was yet to come, as the Apex Predator unleashed a vicious steel chair attack, forcing paramedics to take Edge out on a stretcher.

Analysis: Edge and Randy Orton or Edge vs. Randy Orton. Either way, this is going to be good.