Smackdown Live 18 December 2018 (TLC Aftermath)

Mr. McMahon arrives on the Blue Brand to discuss the Women’s Division

What Happened: It would appear that the Chairman’s work for the week isn’t quite done yet. As Asuka celebrated her championship win from TLC, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch continued to fume over the actions of RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Each believed that, had it not been for Rousey, she would be champion and not Asuka. As a result, both women demanded that Asuka defend the Smackdown Women’s Championship against her (remember, Lynch no longer has the security of a guaranteed rematch, nor will any other deposed champion). As Asuka, Flair, and Lynch continued to bicker, Vince McMahon made his appearance to bring some peace to the situation. In regards to Ronda Rousey’s actions, the CEO simply advised the Queen and the Man that if they have a problem with Rousey that they go handle it directly. In regards to the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Vince himself was wondering what should be done about it. But before he could offer any suggestions, Naomi hit the scene to offer her opinion. As far as the Glow is concerned, Lynch lost the title and is now in the back of the line and Charlotte Flair has already had enough opportunities as it was. And the Chairman agreed. In fact, he agreed so much so, that he instantly granted Naomi a Smackdown Women’ Championship match.

Analysis: In case you missed it, Vince McMahon essentially gave Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch the green light to invade RAW and take out Ronda Rousey. Things. Just. Got. Real.

Asuka (c) def. Naomi (Smackdown Women’s Championship)

What Happened: It’s one thing to convince Vince McMahon to give you a championship match off the cuff. It’s another to be able to fully capitalize on the opportunity. With Lynch and Flair sitting at ringside, good friend Asuka and Naomi went to battle for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Having seen each other twice during Mixed Match Challenge, the Empress and the Glow were very familiar with each other, so when Naomi connected with the Rear View, it looked like it was all said and done. But not only did the champion kick out, she later countered the challenger’s aerial assault and transitioned into the Asuka Lock for the submission victory.

Analysis: Naomi has been completely underused. Hopefully, this new regime changes that.

The Miz & Mandy Rose def. R-Truth & Carmella

What Happened: For a month and a half now, The Miz has been trying to convince Shane McMahon to be his tag team partner. Tonight, he did the one thing he felt he could do, go to the big man. To his credit, the A-Lister humbled himself before the Chairman of the Board, asking him for his blessing to be Shane’s tag partner. Vince rejected such a request, but did grant Miz an opportunity to prove that he’s worth his salt by teaming him with Mandy Rose against R-Truth and Carmella. Truth and Mella were well on their way to proving that their status as Mixed Match Challenge champions isn’t a fluke, but their traditional mid-match dance break proved to be costly. The Suntan Superman saved the Princess of Staten Island from a knee from WWE’s Golden Goddess, but took a Skull-Crushing Finale for his heroics, allowing Miz to pin him.

Analysis: As I expected, R-Truth and Carmella are going to be completely trashed leading up to Royal Rumble. Makes me think this whole “the people are The Authority” is a joke.

The Usos vs. Gallows & Anderson ended in a No Contest after SAnitY attacked

What Happened: Despite failing to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships at TLC, the Usos still believe they have unfinished business with The Bar. As far as Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are concerned, they have no right to have beef within the Smackdown tag team division. This prompted an impromptu match between the two groups. At the apex of the action, The Bar arrived, clearly looking to cause some damage, but the Smackdown Tag Team Champions were cut off at the pass by SAnitY, who would force the match to be tossed out by laying waste to both teams. Once, SAnitY did their work, Sheamus and Cesaro picked the bones as Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain looked on.

Analysis: All during TLC, I saw other members of the WWE Universe demand better for the Good Brothers. This is one step towards that, but did WWE really listen to our voices? Time will tell.

AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali def. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan & Andrade “Cien” Almas

What Happened: Here’s a question for you. What is the best way to get the McMahon family’s attention without inciting their fury? If your answer is pin the WWE Champion in the main event of Smackdown Live, chances are you are correct. And that’s exactly what Mustafa Ali did. Teaming up with AJ Styles, Ali took on Andrade “Cien” Almas and WWE Champion Daneil Bryan. Ali and Almas kicked things off, shooting off fireworks. Once Styles and Bryan tagged in, they picked up right where they left off this Sunday, ripping into each other. Just when it looked like the Phenomenal One was going to force the WWE Champion to submit to the Calf Crusher, El Idolo ran interference, prompting the Heart of 205 Live to get involved. With Almas disposed, Styles was free to tag in Ali, who lit into Bryan to the point where Almas was forced to get involved again. But he was ejected from the ring again with a Phenomenal Forearm, and Mustafa Ali picked up the most significant pinfall of his entire WWE career, pinning Daniel Bryan after the 054.

Analysis: THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH 205 LIVE! Most of the Cruiserweights are more than capable of being on the main roster. The shock on Ali’s face after the match is completely genuine. No Cruiserweight or NXT Superstar on the main roster as a one-off has been allowed to pin a champion, and Ali just pinned the WWE Champion. He not only elevated his own career, the entire Cruiserweight division.

Match of the Night

I have no choice but to give the glory to the main event and Mustafa Ali. A CRUISERWEIGHT PINNED THE WWE CHAMPION!


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