Kickoff Matches

Buddy Murphy (c) def. Cedric Alexander (Cruiserweight Championship)

What Happened: After finally getting back on the winning track, Cedric Alexander finally got a chance to reclaim the Cruiserweight Championship from Buddy Murphy. Having faced each other on multiple occasions already, the Soul of 205 Live and the Juggernaut went back and forth, unleashing some new offense to try and keep the advantage. The first time Alexander went for a Lumbar Check, he connected, but Murphy survived by getting his foot on the bottom rope. In his follow-up attack, Alexander overpursued the champion, and ate a mouthful of turnbuckle for it, before being put away with Murphy’s Law.

Analysis: Another great match from the Cruiserweight division. More and more, Cruiserweight have been on RAW and Smackdown Live, but this match showed why 205 Live deserves to be more exemplified.

Elias def. Bobby Lashley (Ladder Match w/Guitar Suspended above the Ring)

What Happened: After a pair of guitar attacks in the last couple of weeks, Elias and Bobby Lashley looked to settled the score in a Ladder Match with one of Elias’s own guitars suspended above the ring. It didn’t take long for ladders to get involved. In fact, Elias was ready to claim the match just minutes in until Lio Rush intefered to give Lashley the advantage. The Almighty maintained that advantage by using his superior strength, but a desperation powerbomb on top of a ladder to Lashley, plus a rapid ejection of Rush gave Elias the opportunity he needed to retrieve his beloved guitar. Only problem was that the Sinister Songsmith didn’t properly dispose of the Man of the Hour, allowing him to distract Elias long enough for Lashley to use the guitar for himself.

Analysis: I can’t necessarily blame WWE for putting this match on the Kickoff Show. It was pretty irrelevant to begin with so there’s no real consequence.

Main Card

R-Truth & Carmella def. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox

What Happened: After a series of upsets in the Mixed Match Challenge playoffs, Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox and R-Truth & Carmella locked up for a prize that could help reboot their careers: the 30th entry in their respective Royal Rumble matches next year, along with an all-expense paid vacation to boot. The men started things off, but Fox quickly called an audible by tagging herself in minutes into the match. The “Captain” looked to have things well in hand, using her veteran status to keep the Staten Island Princess at bay, but attempted interference from the Singh Brothers backfired, allowing Carmella to lock in the Code of Silence for the submission win. Not only does Fabulous Truth get the coveted No. 30 spots in next month’s Royal Rumbles, they also get an all-expense paid vacation to… WWE HEADQUARTERS IN STAMFORD, CT!!! Courtesy of R-Truth himself.

Analysis: I have to give WWE credit for airing this match on Facebook Watch. Of course, Truth and Mella won’t be holding to the 30 slots (unfortunately), but I’m glad they’re getting a bit of a push anyway.

The Bar (c) def. The New Day and The Usos (Triple Threat Match for Smackdown Tag Team Championships)

What Happened: Whether or not they won this past Tuesday’s rap battle, we still don’t know. What we do know is that The Bar, is still the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. The crazy unpredictability of both of the New Day and the Usos kept the champions off-guard and in constant, imminent danger of losing the titles. But the Swiss Cyborg and the Celtic Warrior would not allowing their titles to be taken away, with Cesaro taking out both the Usos and Kofi Kingston taking out Cesaro, Sheamus finished the job with a Brogue Kick to Xavier Woods.

Analysis: As much as I love the chemistry between these three teams, what about Gallows & Anderson or SAnitY getting a chance? Just saying.


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