Late this afternoon, WWE broke the news that Vince McMahon would be making an appearance on Monday Night RAW next week to “shake things up.” In the announcement, WWE directly referenced Baron Corbin’s role current role as Acting General Manager and his upcoming match against Braun Strowman, where he has the opportunity to become permanent RAW GM.

Seeing as this is not a milestone episode, RAW is mostly certainly in for a shakeup when the Chairman arrives. Exactly what will this shakeup entail? While I’m not entirely sure of everything that will go down, I can promise you that by the night’s end, Baron Corbin will not be in any sort of position of authority, if he retains his job at all. Many of you believe that Kurt Angle will regain his role as General Manager, which does make some sense seeing as Angle was presented as Vince’s handpicked GM. However this may not be the case, at least not immediately. Angle may have his own job on the line at Royal Rumble in a match against Corbin.

I am highly excited to see what is in store for RAW after TLC with Vince showing up. But usually, when Vince shows up, the rest of the show is mediocre at best. But we shall see.

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