Undisputed Era (c) def. Moustache Mountain (NXT Tag Team Championships); War Raiders make good on their promise

What Happened: For those with the belts, pain will be felt. That was the basic message that the War Raiders sent a few weeks ago to the Undisputed Era and Moustache Mountain. The highly personal battle between the two factions took each individual man to his breaking point. Tyler Bate and Trent Seven relentlessly pursued Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly, having no patience for the Era’s underhanded ways. Surprisingly though, the champions came to Brooklyn with plenty of extra stamina as neither Strong nor O’Reilly could be put down. When the individual efforts of a Tyler Driver ’97 and a Seven Stars Lariat failed to net Moustache Mountain the titles, they tried for their kneedrop-Burning Hammer combination. The failure of this tactic opened the door for the champions, and in a nightmarish reversal of roles, it was the inaugural UK Champion left screaming in agony as Trent Seven debated whether to toss the towel. Seven was a split second away from doing so, but changed his mind at the last moment as Bate broke free of the hold. Doing so allowed him to tag in his fresher partner, but enough damage had already been done to both Bate and Seven to seal the deal for Strong and O’Reilly. Their celebration was as short as it gets though, as Hanson and Rowe laid waste to the war torn champions, making the message as clear as ever that they were done waiting for a title shot.

My Opinion: This was one hell of a way to kick off the show. The dynamic between the teams and individual made this match a great one to watch, and the War Raiders attacks put a nice bow on top.

Prediction Result: Correct

Velveteen Dream def. EC3

What Happened: EC3 may have won the battles leading up to tonight, but Velveteen Dream won the war. Thee Dream came into the match with the perfect game plan, including dropping the Golden God on the top of his head with a DDT on the ramp. From there, his only mistake was dumping a bottle of water on EC3, which fired up the One Percenter. But the comeback was short-lived as Velveteen Dream hit a Dream Valley Driver and Purple Rainmaker to spell “Dream Over” for EC3.

My Opinion: So maybe WWE does still hold some value in Velveteen Dream. I am now highly interested to see where he goes next. As far as EC3 is concerned, this is far from a career-busting loss.

Prediction Result: Incorrect

Ricochet def. Adam Cole (c) (NXT North American Championship)

What Happened: One year ago, Adam Cole shocked the NXT system when he debuted by ambushing then-NXT Champion Drew McIntyre. Tonight, it was Cole on the receiving end of the shock when Ricochet defeated him for the NXT North American Championship. The battle will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest in TakeOver history. The Panama Playboy kept the One and Only frustrated with insults and traps, including countering Ricochet’s springboard moonsault with a superkick. But as time went by, Ricochet got into his groove, forcing the champion into retreat. But the challenger would not relent, cutting off every one of Cole’s escape routs before finally hitting the 630 to win the North American Championship.

My Opinion: This was one hell of a match. Cole and Ricochet are most definitely two of the top talents in NXT. I would honestly like to see Cole separated from the rest of the Era.

Prediction Result: Incorrect

Kairi Sane def. Shayna Baszler (c) (NXT Women’s Championship)

What Happened: For weeks, Shayna Baszler taunted Kairi Sane, contending that Sane did not possess the killer instinct necessary to defeat her. Not only did the Pirate Princess prove her wrong, she showed something else that many others before her did not: survival instinct. The Queen of Spades dished out a level of punishment that Sane had never suffered before, including bending her challenger’s knee all ways except the one it’s meant to go in. Perhaps fearing for her very career, Sane unleashed a fury of offense, including not one but two InSane Elbows. While the second one was blocked, Sane did not let up, trapping Baszler in the Anchor between the ropes. Even while ensared in the Kirifuda Clutch, the inaugural Mae Young Classic winner persisted, shocking the Submission Magician by forcing her weight back onto her to pick up the win and snap Shayna Baszler’s reign of terror within the NXT women’s division.

My Opinion: Sane’s victory is not a surprise to me, but it is just as exciting. My biggest concern in the aftermatch is what kind of champion she is portrayed as.

Prediction Results: Correct

Tommaso Ciampa (c) def. Johnny Gargano (Last Man Standing Match for NXT Championship)

What Happened: With former champion Aleister Black no longer involved in the NXT Championship match, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano picked up right where they left off in New Orleans. For Gargano, it was a chance to right the dastardly wrong he committed. For Ciampa, it was a chance to finally rid himself of Johnny Gargano. In the course of this battle, champion and challenger visited their previous two, ripping apart the arena, taking out crew members, and, more specifically, the Rebel Heart handcuffing the Blackheart. The level of destruction escalated to inhumane and indescribable proportions. So much so that what was meant to be Gargano’s death blow to Ciampa was his own. With Ciampa chained to the LED boards on the stage and nearly completely out of it, Gargano drove right through the champion’s face with a running knee with such brutality that he dislocated his own knee, rendering himself absolutely incapable of answering the required 10-count. Meanwhile, the Scourge of NXT somehow had the wherewithal to roll himself to the edge of the stage to establish his footing and claim the victory.

My Opinion: This very well be finally be the end of the Gargano-Ciampa feud. This match encompassed the entirety of their yearlong storyline, including a reversal of roles where Gargano dislocated his knee to end it, much like Ciampa did to start it.

Prediction Result: Partially correct. Ciampa retained the championship, but with an outright victory rather than a Double KO.

Overall Analysis

Once again, NXT delivers another action-packed TakeOver. Every match lived up to the extraordinary hype set before it.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Segment of the Night: I find it difficult to pick out one particular match as the one that trumped all the others. If forced to make a choice, it would be the NXT North American Championship match.


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