Street Profits def. The Mighty

What Happened: After the Street Profits’ shenanigans cost them against Heavy Machinery last week, The Mighty looked for a bit of revenge. Well, not only did they fail to avenge themselves, Shane Thorne and Nick Miller were also left was quite the foul taste in the mouth after getting a taste of their own medicine. Having first drawn the ire of Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford by using underhanded tactics to pick up a victory over them a number of weeks ago, The Mighty had the rug pulled from under them as Ford came roaring back from an absolute decimation of Dawkins to roll up Thorne with a handful of tights to boot.

My Opinion: The Street Profits are the most underrated tag team in NXT today. At first, I considered them to be a cheap crossover between Cryme Tyme and the Prime Time Players, but they have their own brand of entertainment and charisma that makes them really fun to watch.

Kairi Sane def. Aliyah

What Happened: If NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler still thinks that Kairi Sane lacks a killer instinct, her championship reign is in some serious jeopardy this Saturday. The Pirate Princess absolutely massacred Aliyah, unleashing a level of ferocity never before seen from the 2017 Mae Young Classic winner. The beatdown seemed to be mercifully over after the InSane Elbow, but then the Cat’s Meow became the Sacrifical Lamb as she took another two InSane Elbows. Unfortunately for poor Aliyah, the match still wasn’t over then, as Sane sent a direct message to the Queen of Spades, who was at commentary,  by bending Aliyah’s body so nearly in half with the Anchor submission hold that she couldn’t tap out fast enough. The scary part? Sane did all of this while staring Baszler dead in the eye.

My Opinion: I am really looking forward to this match at TakeOver. It seems that Triple H has turned Sane into a bit of a submission specialist solely for this matchup. It’s gonna be a good one, folks.

EC3 gets the best of Velveteen Dream again

What Happened: On two different occasions now, Velveteen Dream has tried to get one-up on EC3, and twice now he has miserably failed. After taking an involuntary dip in the pool last week, the Dream was furious, but as confident as ever that he would defeat EC3 in Brooklyn. But when the Golden God dared Dream to throw hands instead of words, that confidence may have dropped a little bit. Even after taking a sucker punch from his enigmatic foe, EC3 sent Dream crashing with the One Percent.

My Opinion: I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this storyline. The match in and of itself should be good, but the gimmicks are way too similar for me in terms of arrogance.

Tyler Bate def. NXT Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong

What Happened: Even nothing else was made clear in tonight’s main event, it was that the Undisputed Era is not walking out of Brooklyn with the NXT Tag Team Championships without having earned the right to do so. Clearly still remembering how he was forced to relinquish the titles in order to save his partner and mentor from certain carerr-ending injury, Tyler Bate came out launching the heavy artillery against Roderick Strong. Strong fired back equally as hard. Counter after counter they went as Trent Seven and Kyle O’Reilly anxiously watched on the outside. Perhaps the pressure became too much for O’Reilly, as his attempt to sabotage Bate kicked off a flurry of activity that found the Messiah of the Backbreaker laid out with the Tyler Driver ’97 by the end.

My Opinion: The face-heel dynamic between Moustache Mountain and the Undisputed Era is unreal. I couldn’t help but want vindication for Bate and Seven and will be rooting for them as a fan this Saturday.

Overall Analysis

I am actually glad the NXT Championship match was not featured tonight, as there is nothing more that can be done with Ciampa and Gargano alone. The seperation of Adam Cole from the rest of Undisputed Era gives me the sense that the faction may be in jeopardy after this weekend.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Segment of the Night: Bate-Strong was the most exciting match of the night, but Sane-Aliyah got me more hyped for TakeOver, which is the goal of a Go Home Show.


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